5 Things To Look In Your Life Partner


Life is messy, but love is messier. Still, when you find your perfect half you would choose them over again and again above everything else. After all, love is one of those most sacred feelings humans could experience.

Life is truly joyous when you find someone who makes your life peachy and happier with their mere presence. Equipped with the essentials of the Internet, we are truly blessed to live in times where we could find our perfect match through the help of technology. The growing number of dating and matrimonial sites in India has made it easier for people to find the life partner of their choice.

However, what is the qualities to look after in your partner? Is attraction a reason enough to marry someone.

Well, marriage is a lifelong commitment and would drain you to bits if you make an inappropriate choice of partner.

We agree with the fact that the choice of life partner varies with every individual. And by no means we wish to generalize this, but there are certain fundamental qualities, the absence of which could potentially harm your relationship. These are the quintessential qualities that should make to your checklist priority while searching for a life partner either through traditional means or through myriads of popular and trusted matrimonial sites in India.

1. Trustworthy.

Even if marriage is not on your mind, trust and honesty are the qualities that make up for the foundation of any long-lasting relationship. While searching for a life partner always lookout for a person whom you could place your trust on. Trust your instincts and guts, and don’t negligently let go of minor lies. The quality of being honest is the fundamental and core quality and is very difficult to change in a person who takes recourse of lies now and then.

2. Emotional empathy.

The concept of machismo is wrongly fed in our society. Surely, the strength and masculinity add to the attraction, but it cannot make up for an absence of emotional maturity. The same holds for females. Look out for partners who are emotionally stable and mature to understand, analyze, and comprehend their emotions. Find a partner who could understand the viewpoint of others with an open mindset. Each of us carries emotional baggage with us but the overwhelming effect of this overflowing baggage could be daunting for your long-lasting relationship. Hence, emotional maturity and empathy are quintessential qualities to look out for in a life partner.

3. Individual persona.

Another of the wrongly fed notion about marriage and relationships is that your life partner makes you complete. You need to understand that life partners don’t complete us; they accompany us. And the concept of better half isn’t as wonderful as it sounds. The relationship is 100-100 and not 50-50. You and your partner, both should retain their identity. It is the individual qualities of each partner that strengthens the relationship to its core. Look out for life partners who could help you grow and not confine you.

4. Ability to express.

Now, the expression isn’t merely a proposal of love in front of thousands of people. What we mean by the expression is an ability to open up. Relationships are intricate for the very reason that partners could portray even their vulnerable side with ease. Opt for partners who could talk and clear out the matters instead of building an invisible wall of grudge within themselves. Yes, certain people find difficulty in opening up, but that should not remain the case even with their life partners. After all, brutal honesty is what makes relationships intimate and intricate.

5. Sense of humor.

Why is this the most important quality to look for in a partner? Well, life is meant to be lived happily and cheerfully. And you cannot spend a large proportion of your time with a partner who cannot make you laugh or even worse with the person with whom you cannot share moments of laughter. You don’t need to find a stand-up comic to laugh your wits out, but a little sense of humor is always appreciated.

The presence of these fundamental qualities makes a person capable of handling the intricacies of a relationship.

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